Radioactive Decay Notes

August 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

Now that we know the parts of an atom, we need to see how this knowledge can actually have real world problem-solving applications.  First, you’re going to need some basic information about radioactive decay and isotopes.  Let’s start with some fill-in notes:

Radioactive Decay Notes

Once you click on the link above, the presentation will open.  You need to then click “File” and “Make a copy“.

Rename it “Radioactive Decay Notes” and place it in your Science folder on your Google Drive.


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2 responses to Radioactive Decay Notes


    hey ms . Terry i’m trying to find the guys names on your blog but i cant find them where would i look for them on there


    Go to last Friday’s post that has the pic of John Dalton. There’s a link in that post to the instructions.

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